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after coming home has been depressed

 investigation, after coming home has been depressed, then do not say, when listening to music at home, but also specifically to put the sound very large, very unusual. Reporters want mustaches chats, he did not how to speak, just the words « as if he has done wrong. »According to Hu introduction, he is doing the printing machine maintenance, the son dropped out of school at home, so follow him learning machine maintenance. 7 o’clock that evening, father and son in the big waves and other vehicles crossing the bus station, ready to take the 310-315 loop back to the nike air max 2012 womens sale
manhole Matthey, results of the two waited for 40 minutes, do not wait for the bus, so the father and son on the same can be to manhole 855 bus.The car arrived in Shiyan paddy bus station, there are three people in civilian clothes, claiming to be police, father and son off to Mr. Hu. Hu said that one person to produce a document, but can not see it in the car, the other took out the

 handcuffs, you always believed that this right, so father and son skepticism nike air max 2013 mens sale
followed the car. Get off, the other two people checking identification and belongings body, did not find a problem, asked him if he did drugs, father and son said no.Hu said, the other to the father and son with them to the police station, he did not agree, saying that I did not break the law, you do not know what to say, what would you go to the police station now, but the other comes to the police station to know. Hu refused, so the other two men rushed up, put him press down on the ground and handcuffed him, and others kicked him, and the son in the next hit 110, the phone was taken away, and the He also shackled the handcuffs. »Hit me, then there are a lot of people on the bus station, everyone in the crowd, as well as the security guard came over and asked what happened. » Hu said, and later to the stage van, even a police car flags are not, brought them to the Longhua Bus station.Police apology « following people made a mistake. »To the police station, after the staff asked him a simple urine test and found no problems, but also did not find that he had

a criminal record, he let them father and son go.Hu said that was very nike huarache free cheap
unjust, he did not do bad things, but also no reason to be playing on the handcuffs, so he asked to go to an injury, you can go to the police station staff said an injury, but did not accompany him.Hu boss heard him talk about the incident, drove him to the Longhua People’s Hospital for a check, spent 900 yuan, the doctor said just some skin trauma, does not matter, you need to be an injury before the police station out to prove can.? »In a large crowd under beaten and handcuffed was also taken away, people will see how we are father and son, I would not care, but the child must have shadows. » Hu said, on September 1, once again came to the father and son Longhua Bus station seek explanation. Person in charge of the police station to apologize to their father and son, said the following people made a mistake and lost his 1,500 yuan, of which 1,400 yuan for medical expenses, as well as 100 yuan

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