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suspicion of theft under criminal detention by the police according

 clamp, laptops and multiple phones.To the police station, the man has confessed his crime nike free run 3 cheap
through. »I used to climb master »He told Abu, Sichuan, this year it was 20 years old. The face of police, he is very sorry, but he was not unlawful for himself doing things regret, but regret eating too much. « I did not used to be so fat, when I Shenqingruyan, four five-story building, some difficulty can not climb. » Abu said that before he was a climbing expert, breaking and theft on the first floor of this thing, he The most despised. But because they eat too much, the body drum up like a balloon, and now has more than 200 kilos, there is no way to climb up.?Because Abu lost the « life skills », his companions were also abandoned him, even on the lookout do not have him. In desperation, only with a pipe wrench Abu, wandering in different cells, carefully selected on the first floor, waiting to pry the window burglary.Uncovered had abandoned his

 associatesAbu arrest, the area is still theft occurred, but have occurred on the third floor above. Abu said, this is certainly his original cohorts A force dry. With his help, the police force will soon be A captured. And Abu stark contrast, Ali lean lean, only 120 pounds or so, especially in well-developed upper limb muscles. In the trial, the police mentioned that Abu Ali showing disdain on his face.It turned out that both of them before the tacit cooperation, climbing burglary that Shoudaoqinlai. But after Abu fat, 200 kilos of body never get up again, nike huarache free 2012 for sale
and Ali abandoned him. Later, although they often steal a cell together, but « the stealing their own, without disturbing each other, » Abu only to steal the first floor, while Ali then stole third floor.The investigation, and Abu Ali came to Nanjing in August this year, each of whom commit crimes, theft and more continuous households, involving the value of 3 million yuan. Currently, the two on

suspicion of theft under criminal detention by the police according to law, the case is still under further investigation.Two nights ago, Beilun traffic police drunk driving and arrested a man. Checked, the man extremely nervous, panic actually on the police, said: « give you 50,000, you’ll let me go. » Police smell a rat, and upon inspection that the man was actually online fugitives.????Day 19:50, Beilun traffic police brigade squadron of police in Minnesota new Qi Feng Yang way intersection road and set up card check drunk driving. Police stopped a Toyota Reiz sedans routine inspection, the driver rolled down the window, the police smelled alcohol thick. The breath alcohol test, driving men’s alcohol content of up to 210mg/100ml, is drunk nike air max 2013 women cheap
driving. The man said, he called

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