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the quote has more than 6000 passengers hits

Chen, Anhui, staying in Beilun. 12:00 or so with friends to drink a lot nike free 3.0 v5 sale
of wine in the evening that Jiujin over, they drove a friend home.Police will man back to the traffic police brigade, in verifying the identity of the man and I show photos, the photo on the ID card found a lot thinner than I am. Police took doubt going through traffic platform again to verify their identities, the man behaved restless, but also secretly to the police that « give you 50,000, you’ll let me go. »This sentence is more suspicious to the police, the police thought, this man how so actually want to bribe the police, is not a novelty  Ultimately, by the man who exchanges between phone information to confirm that the man’s real name is the surname Wang. The original reason why he behaved so scared, because he is a fugitive wanted by the Internet.After investigation, the surname Wang on June 26, 2010 in Beilun Daqi fight with others, causing others to

stomach bleeding, suspected of intentional assault. After the incident, surname Wang fled. The case is being processed.A six-storey building roof, there is a three-storey villas. Yesterday, Foshan netizen posted a graphic in the local network forum said that in Gaoming Area with building rooftops, there have been such a villa.Express reporter yesterday, on-site verification, the owner denied nike free 5.0 shoes sale
that it was illegally built, adding that with the building of their house was built with the. Local urban management and other departments involved in the investigation yesterday said it would verify the results will be announced.Three cottages height over 10 meters1 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Foshan, netizen « nickzhang007″ new forum in the local daily broke the news: « is located in Gaoming District of Foshan City officials as a village inside the roof of a building rooftop luxury building built a villa, rockery tree arbor taste.

« Gaoming District, will be referred to » the most cattle building.  » As of last night, 9 pm, the quote has more than 6000 passengers hits, many users have questioned whether they are worried about illegal construction and its security. Netizen « Green Sun » that: « not in the same position bearing walls should be built below the building after the addition was built up. »Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the city streets Gaoming District official when Lotus Village Church street next to the building to find the building and found that it was located in the right side of Village Road, covers an area of ??hundreds of square meters, six-storey, ground floor street pavement Also zoned out two, respectively, opened a small supermarket and offices. nike free run 2 for cheap
From a distance, she saw significantly higher

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