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which has most of the time is spent in her hometown

 was compensation for his clothes, because his shirt was torn evening a hole.When the thief arrested by mistake  Just a misunderstandingAccording to a knowledgeable, then pocketing the father and son team found that Mr. Hu at the bus stop, wait for a long time has not been on the train, over 855 roads are quite a few more, they do not, until the rear only, and it is believed that they are thief, then bring them back investigation. Reporter contacted Municipal Public Security Bureau, responsible person, I hope to verify Hu said the situation. Municipal Public Security Bureau official said, is a misunderstanding between the police with Mr. Hu, Hu has been made in the understanding.Guangdong Guang Wang Jiaqiang lawyers and law firms that belong handcuffs police equipment, « People’s Republic of China police equipment and weapons used by the police regulations » nike air max 90 sale
on the use of the police apparatus has detailed regulations, the general handcuffs used only for criminal

 suspects, in incident, the police use of handcuffs suspected irregularities, if damage nike air max 1 cheap
caused to the parties, the parties should be an apology and damages.(Reporter Zhang school) daughter a year old, his father Zhang felt that her daughter does not look like himself, after a paternity test determined not to be one of their own. Zhang ordered his wife, Ms. Wang sued to Tongzhou Court for a divorce, and claims 138,000 yuan. Yesterday, reporters learned that the judge mediation, the two sides reach an agreement, the two divorce, child custody by Ms. Wang, Zhang awarded 20,000 yuan.Identification of non-biological daughter divorce claims raised30-year-old Zhang is the man Town, Tongzhou District. In early 2011, was introduced, Mr. Zhang and his 2-year-old Ms. Wang small acquaintance.Ms.

 Wang said, two months later, the two began living together, which has most of the time is spent in her hometown.June 2011, Mr. Zhang and Ms. Wang registration of marriage. A year later, her daughter was born.With the growing daughter, Mr. Zhang and the more I see of her daughter does not look like himself, he took his daughter to do a paternity test showed that not one of their own.So, Mr. Zhang to paternity as evidence, filed divorce proceedings, requested the return of their daughter Ms. Wang to pay medical expenses, insurance nike free 3.0 v4 canada
and money for the bride price paid Ms. Wang and a total of 16 million yuan.Ms. Wang agreed to divorce, and are not recognized by Zhang biological daughter. »I discovered during the cohabitation married life he could not, because there are views on the matter, so his parents said. » Ms. Wang said, « in-laws said it was because he was living in my house, strange environment coupled with his Daner Small only cause this to happen. « Ms.

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