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while the windows fitted with security net

 Wang said, after marriage, Mr. Zhang brought by their parents to the nike air max 2012 cheap
hospital for medical treatment, even after surgery, but still not too married life.Court mediation divorce her husband awarded 20,000Ms. Wang said that in the two married life together, she also found that Mr. Zhang mental problems, not because of their married life is suffering from epilepsy. And during pregnancy, Mr. Zhang and his family that the child was not his, because to catch up with the demolition, the fetus is 20 million subsidy, so he decided to give birth. »Suppose she knows I can not be married life, in order to determine the normal way of thinking and behavior, she is unlikely to marry me, even if married, can not live with me for such a long time. » Zhang shall not recognition, Ms. Wang said the two sides during the

 marriage, with others amour after giving birth to the child that he learned the truth, and the spirit of self-esteem suffered great trauma.Number of mediation by the judge, the two sides finally reached an agreement: the couple divorced; child rearing themselves by Ms. Wang; Zhang receive compensation of more than 20,000 yuan.Companions are climbers, non floor above do not steal, and he was as lazy, fat, no longer can not climb buildings. So he was alone holding pipe wrench, pry the doors and windows designed to steal on the first floor. Recently, the Nanjing Jiangning police this fat « snitch » captured, and through him captured still « Feiyanzoubi » accomplices.????Modern Express Reporter correspondent Jiang Gongxuan Taowei ZhouThief is a 200 kilos of fatAugust 20 evening, Jiangning Development Zone police station received a report, a village resident, said the thief came in through the window to climb out, nike air max 1 essential sale
was himself discovered and fled. Police after scene investigation

find that it is on the first floor, while the windows fitted with security net, but the thieves pry off the stainless steel railings, climbed into the house theft. The next morning, the police station has received more than a similar alarm, stolen households are on the first floor, the police initially determined that the same person committing the crime.Taking into account the thief may once again nike air max 90 online
committing the crime, the police at the scene near the focus of several cell Dunshou. August 22 morning, a man appeared in a furtive Dunshou police sight. The man was not tall, but fat, appears to have 200 kilos, walking a little breath. When the police stopped their interrogation, he suddenly panicked. Police then carried out a search at his portable package, discovered pry printed with a clear tube

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